Connecting Through Listening

Workshop Overview


Part I (90 min.)

  • The incredible challenges of listening in busy corporate environments.
  • Listening as an interactive, non-passive process.
  • EXERCISE: Audio-visual segment and group accuracy test.
  • How your brain is designed to seek efficiencies - not listen intently.
  • Creating an environment that encourages communication.
  • Conveying interest and attention through body language and words.
  • EXERCISE: Audio segment and group accuracy test.

Break (15 min.)

Part II (90 min.)

  • The importance of demonstrating receptiveness to new ideas.
  • Avoiding conversational narcissism.
  • How to sustain interest and mental focus.
  • Gaining key information through verbal prompts and questioning.
  • Achieving clarity through paraphrasing and summarizing.
  • EXERCISE: Group listening exercise and individual feedback.

Summary (15 min.)

  • Learning summary.
  • Accessing additional learning resources.