Leading Effective Meetings

For leaders


Part I (90 min.)

  • Why most meetings fail and why we need to change our approach.
  • Human behaviour and the science of meetings.
  • The benefits of running non-conventional meetings.
  • The three types of meetings and the perfect timing for each.
  • Being inclusive - addressing extroverts, introverts and everyone in between.
  • EXERCISE: The introversion test and anonymous group poll.
  • Using structure and technology to ensure that everyone has a voice.
  • Managing conference call, video and telepresence meetings.

Break (15 min.)

Part II (90 min.)

  • How to know exactly who to invite.
  • "Pre-wiring" to increase meeting success.
  • Why a pre-read is essential for 25% of meeting participants.
  • The only way to stay on time, every time.
  • Your role in facilitating and guiding productive discussions.
  • Encouraging collaboration - tips and techniques.
  • Achieving buy-in - silence denotes agreement.
  • Efficient follow-up - avoiding the futility of "Parking lots".
  • EXERCISE: Real-time meeting simulation.

Summary (15 min.)

  • Learning summary.
  • Recommendations for continued meeting effectiveness.