Cathy's success story


Hi Gregor,

I took your Writing with Influence workshop this summer and have been meaning to send you feedback since. The structure you gave, plus the permission to just be me and write how I’d talked helped more than you can imagine.

I’ve always been pretty confident at communicating; getting across urgency, appreciation and sharing of knowledge. But I’ve NEVER had the reaction I had to emails before I took your course.

Details on the results of the email: First, I had feedback and appreciation from many of our staff, including our union committee. The rest was all unexpected extras:

  • I sent the email on a Friday and my VP was in my office first thing Monday.
  • He thanked me, seemed overwhelmed, and actually told me how proud he was of me. 
  • He said he was blown away by my leadership.
  • Then he sent it to our CEO after a discussion with him. 

I know for sure I was well respected before the email, but truly think it was a catalyst in my career here. I’ve had more opportunity and taken the lead on more items especially when it comes to communications for our entire service operation team and involvement in any potential political discussions with other teams. Plus I am often the first person in the room asked for my opinion from both my VP and the CEO. 

One little email did that. I’ve kept it up and the engagement from the staff has grown in leaps and bounds as well. Bridging off your training, I’ve gotten more comfortable with finding my voice and sharing my opinion and thoughts.

The impact of your training went far beyond how to write a good email or how to communicate effectively in general. It gave me much more insight into myself and developed my confidence.

Thank you so much. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am.


Manager, Contact Centre Services
Windsor, Ontario