Simon Sinek on Millennials...and communication

Many of you will have watched Simon Sinek's 2009 TED Talk "How great leaders inspire action". Sinek has become popular once again for a new video where he discusses the challenges that many Millennials face in the workplace.

In a clip from a longer interview he outlines how four factors have impacted Millennials satisfaction in the workplace: parenting, technology, impatience and environment.

He then suggests that companies are responsible for creating learning environments where employees can develop the confidence and social skills they need to be successful.


In a second video posted yesterday, Sinek expands upon these ideas and addresses the need to help leaders and professionals of all generations to communicate effectively.

One of the primary responsibilities of leaders is to build other leaders - it’s to take care of people. This has nothing to do with Millennials. This has to do with good leadership.

I find that the best companies have robust and remarkable leadership programs...teaching things like human skills, like listening, communication or conflict resolution.

That’s what the best companies do.
— Simon Sinek