To communicate with influence, you must understand exactly what your audience needs from you.


In this unique one-day workshop you will learn how our communication is driven by our neurological preferences - and you will learn specific techniques to overcome your neurological bias and engage diverse audiences every time you speak.

You will be introduced to current research that highlights the unique communication challenges faced by women in complex corporate environments - and you will learn how to increase your communication effectiveness without changing who you are.

The session will also address long-standing fallacies about non-verbal communication. Drawing on the latest research, you will learn exactly what your audience needs from you when you speak – and how to implement it immediately. To prove the effectiveness of this approach, examples and video feedback will help you to make minor changes to your delivery style that will dramatically increase your power and presence.

Communicating with Influence for Women is a one-day interactive workshop for up to 25 participants and is recommended for all leaders and professionals. This workshop is the training program of choice for Enbridge Inc. and is delivered to Women@Enbridge and Women In Engineering groups across North America. Delivered by Jan Nighswander.


Leaving this course, I feel very empowered and excited. As an analytical/structural thinker, I am now relieved to know that there is a proven structure to communication. It’s a “formula” I’ve been looking for for many years.
— Program Manager