Designed by Gregor Jeffrey


Reduce distractions and improve interpersonal communication


We know that our phones are a huge source of distraction both in our business and our personal lives. [DIS]CONNECT helps by temporarily blocking your phone signal so you can truly connect with others.

[DIS]CONNECT is a specially designed sleeve for your phone that contains a unique signal-blocking fabric. The multi-metallized fabric has a unique thread composition of nickel, copper and cobalt alloy that blocks incoming and outgoing signals. 


Protect private and confidential discussions


Meetings and face-to-face discussions about your company's intellectual property, trade secrets, sales strategy, finances, commercial agreements or negotiation tactics can be surreptitiously recorded. Using commercially available software, your phone's microphone can be remotely activated to broadcast every word of your conversation - even when your phone is turned off.

This represents a massive security risk to both individuals and organizations. It's estimated that loss of key data and proprietary information costs Canadian companies up to $20 billion annually - in the United States, the cost is estimated to be up to $100 billion per year. 

It's a multi-billion dollar problem with a very simple solution. [DIS]CONNECT blocks incoming and outgoing RFID signals, ensuring that confidential meetings and private discussions cannot be broadcast to others through your phone.