Gregor Jeffrey keynote speaker
It’s so rare that a speaker has a truly unique idea and can also deliver it in a way that engages even the most discerning audiences. At the TIGER 21 Annual Conference, Gregor Jeffrey blew everyone away with his authentic, energetic style and his completely new approach to understanding how we communicate with each other. Gregor is a remarkable speaker - highly recommended!
— Abby George - Senior Vice President, TIGER 21

While leading defence projects in Europe, Gregor Jeffrey became increasingly concerned by his inconsistency when presenting in high-profile scenarios. He knew that success in his role was dependent on his ability to communicate effectively so he studied and practiced everything he could find on public speaking and presenting. Through his research he discovered that we’ve been focusing on the wrong issues and that the key to communicating successfully is found in science.

In this interactive talk, Gregor will show you that there is an incredibly simple way to use neuroscience to deliver the right information at exactly the right moment to engage your audience every time you speak.  

In 2018 Gregor received TEC Canada’s Speaker of the Year Award - his 98.6% rating is the highest speaker score ever received.