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We all want to have a clear purpose and direction in our lives - but how do we find it? How can we link our purpose to truly meaningful work? In this keynote talk, award-winning speaker Gregor Jeffrey will take you through his own unconventional journey to show how each of us can learn to decipher our inner coding and find purpose in our work and our personal lives.

After graduating from university in Calgary, Gregor started working for a major defence company as a junior document editor. An unexpected fascination with technical communication brought him to the emerging software sector in Vancouver where he soon left behind a corporate management role to start his own consulting business at the age of 25. From living in Santa Cruz and working in Silicon Valley during the intense dot com boom to taking a year-long creative sabbatical as a writer in Paris, to an adventurous career as an international defence industry expert in France, England, Spain and Germany, Gregor’s career was on an exciting track.

However, while leading a multi-billion dollar defence project in England he faced a series of setbacks that forced him to re-evaluate everything he'd been working to achieve. After returning to Canada, and following years of study in philosophy and cognitive psychology, he discovered that the path to finding purpose and achieving success was very different than he ever expected.



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