Communicating with Influence: 
What your audience needs from you


A one-hour talk for business professionals


We all recognize how important effective communication is to success in business - and almost all of us want to improve our skills. The problem is that until now, communication training hasn't addressed the real issues. That's why so many professionals still struggle to present their ideas clearly and concisely, connect with diverse audiences, or even have their voices heard in meetings.

After analyzing hundreds of talks and presentations we saw that the most engaging and effective speakers followed virtually none of the rules that are taught in books and training seminars. And that’s when we started to realize that almost everything we’ve been taught about business communication is wrong.

We discovered that the key to communicating successfully is found in science. Modern neuroscience has shown that each of us processes information in very different ways. In this one-hour talk, Neil Samuels will show you that there is an incredibly simple way to deliver the right information at exactly the right moment to engage each member of your audience every time you communicate.

Drawing on proven neuroscience, you will learn exactly what your audience needs from you when you speak in meetings, conference calls and presentations – and how to implement it immediately to achieve results.

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