97% of senior leaders surveyed across North America view presenting well as critical to business success - and 96% want to get better at it.


The key to performance improvement is accurately identifying the issues – however, a survey of senior leaders across North America shows that most executives are focusing on the wrong issues in their presentations. In this highly interactive workshop you will discover what the real issues are and how you can immediately address them.

Each member of your also audience processes information and makes decisions in very different ways. Using brain research and cognitive psychology, this workshop will introduce new ways of understanding how your audience thinks and exactly what they need from you every time you speak.  

Even the most interesting content must be delivered in a way that engages all types of audiences. By challenging outdated research on non-verbal communication you will see that making minor changes to your delivery style can substantially increase your ability to connect with your audience and inspire action.

Presenting with Influence for Executives is a half-day interactive workshop for up to 15 participants and is recommended for all senior leaders and executives. Delivered by communication expert Gregor Jeffrey.


Exceptional in content and purpose. Gregor Jeffrey is a truly outstanding facilitator who I would not hesitate to recommend to other groups.
— Vice President