Participant Reviews:

Connecting Through Listening


Manager, Planning - Ottawa, Ontario

Clear, concise, practical. Interactive with good, impactful exercises to reiterate points. Good discussion time, did not feel rushed. Applicable tips/hints that can be implemented immediately.

Business Analyst - Toronto, Ontario

The content was excellent. It was presented in a very easy and engaging manner. I would definitely encourage others to take this course.

Project Manager - Toronto, Ontario

Great. Animated, focused and to the point. Thank you!

M&R Inspector - Ottawa, Ontario

I was extremely impressed with the workshop and I was able to get a much better understanding of listening with the step-by-step format. Having the personality types explained helped as well. Thank you!

QA Supervisor - Toronto, Ontario

Excellent course!! Great workshop, would certainly recommend to our team.

Environmental Advisor - Toronto, Ontario

Very interesting topic, with benefits to both work and personal life. Very engaging presentation, very effective format. Will definitely recommend to others. 

Business Analyst - Toronto, Ontario

Excellent - especially the conversation and techniques shared. The self-evaluations were helpful as many patterns were acknowledged. Thank you!

Sales Development - Ottawa, Ontario

Excellent course! Loved the interactive aspect and the judgement-free environment.

Gas Supply Analyst - Toronto, Ontario

Great workshop. Simple and engaging.

Network Operations Support - Ottawa, Ontario

Great course! Valuable information and well presented. Enjoyed the informal aspect and that the facilitator did not read from the slides. Active listening is a skill that I didn't realize required as much effort, but now I feel I have the tools to help me be less judgemental and more engaged. Thanks Gregor!

Customer Financial Assistance Manager - Toronto, Ontario

Well laid out. Great framework to "break it down". Some great pragmatic ideas to fine-tune and improve our own listening and for creating an environment conducive for others to listen well. Thank you!

Materials Express Clerk - Toronto, Ontario

Very interesting course. I've learned a lot about different types of personalities and how to focus when the person is communicating.

WMC, Dispatch - Ottawa, Ontario

Very informative course material. Really enjoyed how interactive it was and how everyone in the class was involved verbally. Great job!

Administrative Coordinator - Toronto, Ontario

Great workshop, I would definitely recommend it to anyone - all would benefit from attending. I really liked the pointers on steering conversations, body language, recaps and that not everyone listens the same way.

Process Optimization Analyst - Toronto, Ontario

The workshop was interactive from the beginning to the end. Techniques learned are extremely valuable to not only make me a better listener but also a better person.

WMC, Dispatch - Ottawa, Ontario

Fantastic course!! Learned a lot and it will help greatly in future endeavours. Thank you for your patience and time given to us.

Clerical, Supply Chain Management - Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for not making me feel guilty for being an extrovert. I've learned what I signals I need to confirm engagement from others. I've also learned how important it is to "setup" for others to be comfortable to engage and be encouraged to share ideas and thoughts.

IT Systems Analyst - Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for delivering this course. It has made me have a different perspective and made me more self-aware so that I can change and improve.

Technical Designer - Toronto, Ontario

Gregor was very engaging and did a great job in getting everyone involved and feeling comfortable. Great presentation skills and great way of presenting the material in a fun way. Thank you!

PSI - Ottawa, Ontario

This workshop is fabulous. We learned so much about listening skills. Thank you so much for your excellent course.

Senior Advisor, Leadership Development - Toronto, Ontario

I think the workshop is the right length. We spend a good amount of time on each of the 4 concepts. I particularly liked the idea of being flexible with all of the "rules" about communicating to err on the side of making the other person comfortable rather than forcing something that won't be effective.

Instructional Designer - Toronto, Ontario

Excellent course. Very well presented!

QA Supervisor - Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for a very informative course that intrinsically consists of self-reflection both personally and professionally. Listening is a lifelong skill that I will continue to develop. This will be life-changing.

OE Advisor - Toronto, Ontario

Great examples and activities. Interesting discussions throughout.

Energy Solutions Consultant - Ottawa, Ontario

The course was very well presented and offered many topics relating to the subject matter. I would strongly recommend that my working colleagues participate in attending this course the next time it is made available. I would go so far as to say that it should be a mandatory requirement for all employees to take this course.

Administrative Coordinator - Toronto, Ontario

I found this workshop to be very engaging, thought-provoking and comfortable. Gregor is very professional, approachable and knowledgeable - very inclusive and aware of details. I would love to participate in another workshop with the same facilitator.

Field Manager - Toronto, Ontario

Very good course which made me redefine a “good listener”. I’m more confident in the future to apply these skills to build up my leadership.

Administrator Coordinator, IT - Toronto, Ontario

Excellent facilitator. Kept room engaged. Course material is very relevant to our work and organization. I will be able to draw on the course material in our day-to-day relationship management with all levels of staff.

Learning Development Coordinator - Toronto, Ontario

Awesome class! Made me reflect on myself and how to improve my skills. Valuable and important information that can be used at work and at home. Great job!

CADD Tech I - Toronto, Ontario

I really enjoyed this workshop. It was one of the best courses I have ever taken about relationships between people in a team. Thank you!

Senior HR Business Partner - Toronto, Ontario

Great. Loved the experiential learning (practice, group work, TED Talks). Great facilitator - open, encouraging, responsive to all.

Business Systems Support - Toronto, Ontario

It has been a very engaging workshop. Exercises help apply the learning throughout the workshop. Having a very active listening facilitator does make the workshop interesting. It has been the best workshop I’ve attended in 2016. Thank you! 

Quality Assurance Supervisor - Toronto, Ontario 

Would like everyone within our department, including upper management, to take this course. Active listening - so important for our roles. Thank you! SO GOOD.