Self-Awareness Through Science

Participant Reviews

Average rating: 98% (4.9/5)


Very interesting and insightful. Provides additional tools to support more productive work and understanding of others within the group. Great session, thanks Gregor!

Project Development Specialist - Calgary, Alberta

Loved discovering my neurological preferences. I can see is being very good for confidence and self-esteem on a personal level and productivity/efficiency on a a macro (team/org) level.

Project Engineer - Calgary, Alberta

The group exercises exceeded my expectations in how you can look at your preferences and relate it to your cognitive preference. Loved the business plan group activity and I learned a lot to help structure groups in the future.

Manager, Project Development - Calgary, Alberta

Thanks very much Gregor, informative and entertaining. Appreciated the behavioural and thinking separation. Schedule, agenda and outline all well done. Enjoyed the "perfect office" exercise.

Project Development Specialist - Calgary, Alberta

Course was very good, I wouldn't change a thing.

Senior Engineer - Calgary, Alberta

Once again I found Gregor's workshop to be fantastic (this is the 4th course with Gregor that I have taken). I will continue on my path to implement these learnings so I can operate at my best  and be a team player who helps my team to operate at their best. Thanks again for another great workshop!

SeniorProject Development Specialist - Calgary, Alberta

Your workshops consistently exceed my expectations! The group work was very revealing and the timeframe for the workshop was just right.

Senior Project Development Specialist - Calgary, Alberta

Really enjoyed learning about my Emergenetics profile. I was surprised at how high my Structural thinking was. And crazy to see how correct all the outcomes were in regards to how I work. I know now that I would like to work on being more assertive and expressing my opinions more. Thank you for a great session.

Project Specialist - Calgary, Alberta

Awesome. I liked the group session and business plan exercise. Very interesting with the different results. I also like the design the room exercise. Interesting discussion at the end.

Engineer-in-training - Calgary, Alberta