Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself is true power.

Lao Tzu


Neuroscience shows that we each process information in very unique ways - in fast-paced work environments these differences can cause tension and conflict. When these differences are understood and supported it creates an energizing environment where we each operate at our best.  

Self-Awareness Through Science explains and reveals individual thinking and behavioural preferences in a highly experiential and interactive setting. It's a science-based, results-driven session focused on using the unique Emergenetics Profile to increase self-awareness and build more effective teams and working relationships.

Participants will discover how neurological preferences drive our cognition and interactions. By understanding the interplay between the fixed neurological preferences and the more flexible behavioural preferences, participants will learn to leverage their own strengths and develop awareness of what others bring to the table. 

Using the science of cognitive diversity, you’ll discover how harnessing diverse perspectives can immediately improve team communication and collaboration. A challenging case study exercise will illustrate how participants can leverage their unique neurological profile to solve complex business problems while developing a deeper awareness of others.  

Self-Awareness Through Science is a half-day interactive workshop for up to 20 participants and is recommended for all professionals, leaders and executives. Delivered by communication expert Gregor Jeffrey.


Such an insightful workshop. It was shocking to see how accurately my profile reflects my individual working style. Understanding the variations in profiles will provide real benefits in my interactions with team members.
— Lead Engineer