After learning myself how to “communicate with influence”, I invited Gregor Jeffrey to teach every single person at my company the skills he taught me. Now the entire organization communicates more effectively - with one another, with our clients, and with our stakeholders. Jeffrey Strategic has helped to make Alberta Pensions better. Highly recommended!
— Karen Adams - President and CEO

Presenting with Influence


This is, without a doubt, the most useful management course I’ve ever taken. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to any organization seeking to improve effectiveness.
— Senior Project Manager
Loved the course and it really changed the way I intend to approach presentations.
— Engineer, Facilities Integrity
I have three years of Toastmasters practice and have spoken in front of hundreds of people but this workshop helped summarize the KEY to engaging your audience.
— Supervisor
I really enjoyed the concept of “be yourself and be the best you can be” as opposed to a multitude of rules around body language, etc. which can be intimidating and overwhelming. The few simple techniques make this a learning experience that can be applied right away.

Gregor’s facilitation was very informative, engaging and encouraging. Great workshop - thank you.
— Project Supervisor
I’m already planning a dozen presentations in my mind with this knowledge and skills! I look forward to using these strategies and passing on some of the points to my team. Great day all around!
— Team Lead AP SSC
Fabulous course! Content was applicable, practical and usable. Easy to be able to put the techniques into practice. Gregor is a fantastic facilitator. Calm and very comfortable. I loved the way he connected with everyone and made it personalized. I have more confidence now and can’t wait to put it into practice.
— Administrative Assistant
Gregor’s approach and experience kept the group interested and engaged throughout the session. This was a very valuable course and will improve my presentations in the future.
— Senior Strategist, Stakeholder Relations
Fantastic presentation and content. A lot of great takeaways and items to practice. Gregor was engaging, encouraging and helpful. Would highly recommend this course to all.
— Engineer, Major Projects
Gregor Jeffrey is a very natural and engaging speaker - just by watching him you learn better techniques. Method made logical sense and was easy to work with.

I learned to trust myself and my ability to speak on what I know about.
— Senior Manager, Capital Planning
Gregor’s workshop is very interesting and applies to my daily work. He kept my attention the whole time and totally drew me in. The small group settings were very helpful.
— Manager, Application Development
Awesome. Very genuine, well-paced and helpful.
— Trainer
I loved the content! The knowledge on how individuals are wired and how to speak to them in a specific structure will help. I especially enjoyed the practice and video recording to see how I did. Instant feedback!
— Pharmacist
I enjoyed how structured the session was. The content was interesting and informative - very cool concepts I didn’t know about.

The outline of a presentation was helpful and the tip of slowing down blew my mind! I’m so happy I can be myself and be animated!
— Customer Service Supervisor
As an analytical thinker, the way you presented your findings based on research was awesome. I have learned so much from your talk and your workshop that I know will help me not only in my career but personally as well.

As a neuroscience major I am fascinated by the topic and truly believe that you have tapped into uncharted territory that so many can benefit from. Thank you!
— Supervisor
I think the information on structuring communication will be very useful in my role. I plan on sharing it with my staff as they often draft the internal audit reports. We will put this in place immediately.
— Director, Internal Audit
The workshop had great practical application. The communication outline is great and makes you really think about how to connect with different types of thinkers.
— Director, Corporate Accounting & Control
I feel way more at ease and comfortable with presenting. This is a result of this course alone. It’s taken the fear out of the equation.

I feel a lot more confident and have some simple tools I can apply immediately.
— Senior Business Performance Advisor
Really, really excellent course. I’ve struggled for so many years with presentations. I’ve joined acting classes and Toastmasters - neither has come close to how helpful this course has been.
— Senior Manager
Excellent course! By far one of the most practical and interesting courses I have taken.

For me personally, presenting has been something I have always wanted to gain more confidence in - with this course I am confident that I will improve dramatically going forward.
— Lead, Financial Reporting
This was a fantastic course. I would recommend it to anyone who does presentations on a regular basis. The facilitator did an excellent job of keeping everyone engaged throughout the entire course. I will definitely use your techniques and show them to others.
— Internal Auditor
Enlightening and applicable! This course has now given me tools to better identify and captivate my audience. This will always be relevant and I can’t wait to share my learnings with my team!
— AP Supervisor
I loved the entire seminar. It was just the right balance of theory, research, practice and feedback. This session will certainly help me to improve my future talks, specifically on speaking up, slowing down, and structuring an effective presentation.
— Senior Advisor, Land Information Management
Excellent workshop! Gregor introduced very simple, easy-to-use tools and techniques to assist with improving our presentations.

I can honestly say this is one workshop where I will use the concepts, tools and techniques on an ongoing and regular basis.
— Controller
Exceptional course. Presentation delivery, pace and visuals were very effective. Highly recommended.
— Manager, Financial Planning
Awesome course. I love courses with practical, applicable, implementable content and this course totally fit the bill.
— Supervisor, Operations
Enjoyed your enthusiasm, energy and humour. Concepts are easy to understand and can be applied right away.
— Supervisor, Corporate Analytics
Definitely worthwhile personally, especially to learn and practice the idea of slowing down and speaking up and its positive effects on my presentation skills.

Would definitely recommend this workshop for the simple idea of understanding the four different types of thinkers.
— Bilingual Trainer
Wonderful! Engaging and personable. Felt great to hear the stories and the similarities with what we all struggle with. Very enjoyable and educational workshop.
— Manager, Administrative Services
Thank you, you put the magic into presentations. Thanks for sharing the tips - lots of actionable ideas.
— Manager, Contact Centre Services
I have attended many different workshops in my life, but have never enjoyed one as much as I enjoyed this. Your ability to engage the group and provide solid, encouraging feedback is exceptional and refreshing.

Thank you for teaching an “old dog new tricks”!
— Customer Experience Leader
LOVED IT!! I feel relief now - you have helped me to structure my presentations so they capture the entire audience every time.
— Manager, Member Services
The content was fascinating and backed up with great examples. Loved the mix of learning elements and access to more resources. Best seminar I have attended in years!
— HR Project Manager

Writing with Influence


By far this was the most useful training I have had in business - a must for all leaders!
— Project Procurement Manager
We spend most of our days writing or reading communications in our roles. The structure and tools you provided are going to be extremely useful not only for my career development but for my personal interactions as well.
— Supervisor, Infrastructure Planning
This workshop exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to using your framework and targeting the different audiences the next time I write. I also like the guidance on using plain language.
— Senior Planning Analyst
This was one of the best workshops I have taken. It was beneficial, enjoyable and super easy to understand.

I think this workshop should be required for all employees.
— Project Technical Administrator
Thank you Gregor for the interactive and thought-provoking workshop. Loved it! You created a safe and comfortable environment for all of us.
— Contracts Coordinator
Excellent course, great presenter, I want more of this! Will be practicing the concepts later today!
— Support Supervisor
Excellent course. I’ve learned something in each of the topics covered - not only about my audience but also about myself.

I will recommend this course to the rest of my team.
— ESOR Analyst, Integrity
Fun and interactive course that provides clear guidance on how to write.
— IT Manager
Looking forward to using these tips and techniques and informing my boss about the plain language movement!

Thanks for the great day, time well spent.
— Supervisor, Ethics and Compliance
Better than all the other courses I’ve attended (and I’ve attended a lot!). Thanks for the tips - I’ll definitely be using them!
— Internal Auditor
Great course and facilitation. Many ah-ha moments! Thank you - I can use the information, structure and approach daily.
— Supervisor, H&S Shared Services
Great great great training!! Was a true pleasure, the best training I’ve ever has the chance to attend. From the first to last minute you engaged all of us.
— WMC Dispatch
I’ve always been pretty confident at communicating; getting across urgency, appreciation and sharing of knowledge. But I’ve NEVER had the reaction I had to emails before I took your course.

The impact of your training went far beyond how to write a good email or how to communicate effectively in general. It gave me much more insight into myself and developed my confidence. Thank you so much. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am.
— Manager
Best course I’ve taken. Had my attention the entire time. I have many takeaways from this course I plan to use throughout my career.
— Engineer
Fantastic course! Thank you for making this a practical course, with templates I can use in my job tomorrow. The writing activities were engaging and the facilitation style helped us learn from each other.

I hope everyone at our company has the opportunity to take this course so we all have a common understanding of how to write effectively and with influence.
— Workplace Learning Coordinator
This workshop was excellent. It provided many useful tools and practical advice. Gregor Jeffrey was a great instructor - very engaging.
— Legal Counsel, Operations
Excellent course. Definitely makes me re-assess some previously taught concepts about business writing. Great points on how to clearly state the point and capture the audience.
— Senior Business Analyst
This was a great course. It cleared up areas with my writing that I know I’ve had issues with in the past. I find it interesting that a lot of what we’ve been taught in our formal education has led to communication problems in the business world.
— Environmental Preparedness Analyst
Excellent course providing key points that can be implemented immediately. Easy to make the chances if one is mindful. Gregor is an excellent facilitator.
— Senior HR Business Partner
The training is super insightful and was an eye-opener for me. I’ve learned so much more about how to write in an effective way to influence and connect with readers with different thinking styles.
— Financial Reporting Analyst
Really enjoyed the course! I was able to instantly improve an email that will be sent to leaders in the near future.

The section about the way people think was especially interesting.
— HR Advisor
What a great course. Best training I have EVER attended.
— Dispatch

Connecting Through Listening


Thank you for a very informative course that intrinsically consists of self-reflection both personally and professionally. Listening is a lifelong skill that I will continue to develop.

This will be life-changing.
— QA Supervisor
Great. Loved the experiential learning (practice, group work, TED Talks). Great facilitator - open, encouraging, responsive to all.
— Senior HR Business Partner
Great workshop, I would definitely recommend it to anyone - all would benefit from attending. I really liked the pointers on steering conversations, body language, recaps and that not everyone listens the same way.
— Administrative Coordinator
Awesome class! Made me reflect on myself and how to improve my skills. Valuable and important information that can be used at work and at home. Great job!
— Learning Development Coordinator
Very good course which made me redefine a “good listener”. I’m more confident in the future to apply these skills to build up my leadership.
— Field Manager
Clear, concise and practical. Really interactive with good, impactful exercises to reiterate points. Good discussion time, did not feel rushed. Applicable tips and hints that can be implemented immediately.
— Manager, Planning
Excellent course! Loved the interactive aspect and the judgement-free environment.
— Sales Development
The workshop was interactive from the beginning to the end. Techniques learned are extremely valuable to not only make me a better listener but also a better person.
— Process Optimization Analyst
Would like everyone within our department, including upper management, to take this course. Active listening - so important for our roles. Thank you! SO GOOD.
— Quality Assurance Supervisor
I really enjoyed this workshop. It was one of the best courses I have ever taken about relationships between people in a team. Thank you!
— CADD Tech I
It has been a very engaging workshop. Exercises help apply the learning throughout the workshop. Having a very active listening facilitator does make the workshop interesting.

It has been the best workshop I’ve attended in 2016. Thank you!
— Business Systems Support
I found this workshop to be very engaging, thought-provoking and comfortable. Gregor is very professional, approachable and knowledgeable - very inclusive and aware of details.
— Administrative Coordinator
Excellent facilitator. Kept room engaged. Course material is very relevant to our work and organization. I will be able to draw on the course material in our day-to-day relationship management with all levels of staff.
— Administrator Coordinator, IT
I was extremely impressed with the workshop and I was able to get a much better understanding of listening with the step-by-step format.
— M&R Inspector
Very interesting topic, with benefits to both work and personal life. Very engaging presentation, very effective format. Will definitely recommend to others.
— Environmental Advisor