Communicating with Influence for Women


Excellent, excellent course and facilitator. Very refreshing to have a well-structured course rooted in science. Thanks for doing this important and valuable work.
— Manager, Learning and Development
This was a really phenomenal experience. The topic is not rocket science - but it is neuroscience! What a great flip on perspective. With that, a whole new set of opportunities and tools arose. I now feel like there are options where I was hitting perceived road blocks.

I also appreciated the format. The opportunity to meet and work with other women from across the organization itself was a great experience.
— Senior Advisor, Operations
Very engaging course! I learned a lot about myself - how I communicate and how to improve. I think the fact that the course was offered in a female-only setting definitely encouraged a safe atmosphere for sharing and trying new things.
— Managing Legal Counsel
Fantastic workshop. This should be mandatory at any point in someone’s career. Great, eye-opening concepts.
— Customer Account Manager
Leaving this course, I feel very empowered and excited. As an analytical/structural thinker, I am now relieved to know that there is a proven structure to communication. It’s a “formula” I’ve been looking for for many years.

I appreciate the format of the course, especially the interactive portion and the opportunity to receive feedback. Thanks again!
— Program Manager
Great course. Concise and simple delivery. The video practice is critical to seeing where improvements can be made as well as learning from others.
— Manager, Engineering Standards
Great session, excellent structure, engaging presenter. I would highly recommend this course to others.
— Engineer, Major Projects
Great workshop! I loved the neuroscience segment and how you incorporated it into the rest of the content. Although I was reluctant, the practice presentations were so enlightening.

I learned so much about my personal strengths and weaknesses, and I’m optimistic I’ll be able to incorporate this feedback into my skillset.
— Internal Auditor
The workshop definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone to develop my communication skills and reflect on my strengths and weaknesses.

The environment felt relaxed and safe. Would definitely recommend this workshop to others!
— Contract Analyst, Supply Chain
Great workshop. I really liked the NEW take on communicating - it’s accessible and immediately valuable. I can already see the value of the workshop in my day-to-day communication. A day VERY well spent.
— Director, Operations
Very valuable workshop. I will be taking away constructive ideas that will benefit speeches and presentations as well as meeting preparation for others as well as me personally. Well organized and facilitated. The “live” practice was particularly beneficial.
— Executive Advisor, Office of the CEO
This course was excellent and provided me with simple, straightforward strategies to increase my confidence with communication. The video recording forced me outside of my comfort zone and was incredibly rewarding.
— Engineer-in-Training
Course was excellent. I was a little apprehensive about the practice component but found it to be very beneficial. Seeing myself present and hearing my colleagues feedback helped me to see areas of improvement that I can apply to future presentations.

I found the neuroscience component completely fascinating. It allows me to see my audience in a new light which makes presenting a less stressful exercise.
— Senior Legal Counsel
It was a great opportunity to learn of the current communication challenges for women at our company. The tools provided in this training can help all of us to increase our presence, power and influence across the organization so our contributions are better appreciated and rewarded accordingly.
— Supervisor, Project Controls
Fantastic course. I learned a lot and will be taking a lot away and applying it to both my work and my personal life.
— Supervisor, Business Information Management
Great useful tools to use in professional and personal settings. Appreciated that you acknowledged the pitfalls and misconceptions and how to overcome them.
— Auditor III
Really happy I signed up for this workshop. I will be using the Communication Outline for my future presentations and will make a conscious effort to eliminate powerless language from my vocabulary. Thanks!
— Business Development Advisor
Workshops content was excellent - simple concepts that I can apply in my job today.
— Director, Corporate Compliance
Great workshop! Initially I was apprehensive about the “all female” workshop, but this was quickly dismissed by the engagement and focus of the session. This workshop should be provided to all leaders and those in management roles.
— Manager, Project Services
I enjoyed the entire session and found the neuroscience enlightening for both my professional and personal lives.
— Program Manager
I really enjoyed the course. The training and tools are very practical and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
— Supply Chain Optimization Manager