Prepare for important presentations in a safe virtual learning environment


We all know how challenging it is to practice for an important talk or presentation. We often end up rehearsing in our office or an empty meeting room and find that it has little similarity to the actual experience. Exponential advances in Virtual Reality (VR) technology mean we are now able to offer a remarkable on-site virtual learning environment for executives and business professionals.

Participants can practice their presentations in virtual meeting rooms, conference rooms and convention centres with diverse virtual audiences of any size. Participants can navigate their slides in real-time and even get used to speaking to inattentive or distracted audiences.

VR coaching is an extremely effective tool for executives and leaders to practice and prepare for important upcoming presentations - all in a safe, comfortable learning environment on-site at your location.



For the best possible Virtual Reality experience we use the Oculus Rift system. Unlike mobile phone-based VR setups, the Oculus Rift's display technology combined with its low-latency tracking system enables the sensation of presence without motion sickness.

Latency is the technical term for the effect that causes motion sickness and extremely high frame rates are required to avoid latency. Currently only PC-based systems like the Oculus Rift (which works at 233 million pixels per second with a 90Hz refresh rate) are powerful enough to provide a comfortable, immersive VR experience for all users. [Video: How Oculus Solved Virtual Reality]

Our custom VR system is portable, allowing us to set up private VR coaching sessions on-site at your location.


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